Atakum is the most developed town in terms of sea tourism among others that make Samsun a coastal city. With 20 km coastal line, finest sand and clean sea, it is a real summer tourism paradise. Atakum is located between İlkadım and 19 Mayıs and the northern side of the town is covered by Black Sea. 

While it was a town that hosts the summerhouses, in the last years by increasing number of accommodation, entertainment, food&beverages services oriented to local and international tourism, and by the newly built marina Atakum has become a summer tourism center.

Atakum Coast

Atakum Public Scaffold

Hıdırellez Festivals are organised every year near that scaffold. People living in Samsun make fishing from there.

Hidden Paradise Çakırlar Coppice

As one of the few underwater forests in Turkey, Çakırlar Coppice is a recreated natural wonder with its unique beauty.

Kadhırga Festivals;

The Kadhırga FEstivals organised in Gökçepınar Plain of Elmaçukuru Village are has been traditionalised for 22 years. The festivals includes horon and folk dance shows, local artists’ performances and local food presentations and attracts the interest of people in Samsun and organised in the second week of July. 


In the town that have the longest beach in the Middle and the Eastern Black Sea region, there are walking and entertainment places and summerhouses. The beach volley and beach football tournaments organised by the municipalities and International Folk Dances Festivals are some of the annual events in Atakum.

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