Tekkeköy is one of the new districts in black sea coast which is located east of Samsun at 13 km. of Samsun –Trabzon Highway. Çarşamba is at east. Transport is always possible from Samsun. Approximately Tekkeköy population is 49.000, half of this population lives in district center, and another half is in villages. One third of district territory constitutes of continuation of Çarşamba plains. This territory is very productive and all types of agricultural production can be made from tobacco to corn and vegetables production.

On the Road of Tekkeköy: Kutlukent

While towards Tekkeköy,  first turn inside Kutlukent intersection, climbing to Altınkaya Quarter near Kirazlık Creek.  A windy road. The vast majority of people who live here are the exchanged. On the left side of the road, an old-stone church comes into your view.

Keltepe Church.  A section of Dom collapsed. It waits for the restoration.  Samsun is under your feet here. It is suggested to go back to main road after visiting church, because there is nothing to see ahead.

Tekkeköy Center

In Tekkeköy Center, Government and Municipality Buildings are neighbors. There is a Ataturk Statue just in front of Government Building.

Çakmak Dam

One of the Dams in Samsun,

It is only used for drinking and daily-used water. Water which comes from dam, distributes to the city after purifying in treatment plant. Capacity is full that enough for Samsun till 2035. Samsun is first rank in the region in terms of water quality, in Turkey is in first 10 cities in terms of water quality.

From Tekkeköy Cuisine

Rice with goose, yufka with meat, oven kebab, minced pie are common. Also made from hamsi, which are the black seas fertile fish, rice with hamsi, hamsi bread, hamsi pan, hamsi on tile are made very often in the region.

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