You can reach to 19 Mayıs on the way to Sinop from Samsun, at the eastern side of Bafra. The distance between Samsun and 19 Mayıs is 33km of which 20 km is coastal line. So, people in Samsun know 19 Mayıs as seashore resort and 25.000 people lives in 19 Mayıs. The festivals organised in 19 Mayıs raises the number of activities in the town. The town center at the eastern point of the delta formed by Kızılırmak river is seen as plain. Fish lakes that hosts hundreds species of birds create a special atmosphere. The number of people in the region has increased with the immigrants came from Dagestan and Caucasia in 1877-78, from Mediterranean and Aegean in 1905 and from Yugoslavia and Greece in 1912.

Town Center

Atatürk’s statue and municipality building welcome you at the town center. The clock tower at 19 Mayıs Square is also very old but a very aesthetic building. In order to reach to the sea you can make a U turn from the right side of the municipality building. The road is wide but not well. Approximately after 1km when you turn left you come across with Ballıca Tekel factory. The road brings you to the sea. You see an endless beach and the wild waves of the Black Sea.  When the weather is breezing, the people enjoy sunbathe without sweltering. The aqua park of the municipality at the coast is the main entertaining facility of the children. The children who ride down the slide at the end of the wooden stage reach to the sea at the end of the slide instead of swimming pool. Wooden Mosque, Yörükler Turkish Bath and Stone Bridge bear the traces of the past.  


19 Mayıs is one of the lucky places that have the sea, a lake and a forest. The field at the northern part of the city center forms a part of the plane that was created by Kızılırmak.

Economic Structure

Agriculture is the main sector in 19 Mayıs. However, the animal husbandry and fishing is also improved. Hazelnut, corn and tobacco are important goods. Sea and lake fishing are both done in the town. The villagers living at the lake side also do wickerwork. Hand weaving, especially rug weaving is advanced. 


Nebyan forests at the peak of the highest hill of 19 Mayıs and the places around the forest are ideal for trip and picnic area. The festivals are generally organised at there. Near Yörükler place you can swim at the most clean sea of the region. Fish lakes and the reedy and swamp area around them are some of the wetlands of the delta. The bird population of Kızılırmak Delta presents a huge potential for scientific researches, nature tourism and environmental education as well as it will bring and international prestige to the country. 

Local Tastes

The food culture is very rich. Keşkek and pıtıl bread are famous. The patties and rice with meat of the Balkan origin population, jerky and liver, tarhana soup, breads baked in special stoves are some of the local foods. 

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