You can reach to this adorable town, Alaçam, when you travel  to the east on Samsun Sinop way from Yakakent. The distance from Samsun is 78 km. approximately the population of the town is 30.000; 19134 of which lives in the villages. The summers are cool and the winters are mild and cold as typical Black Sea climate. While the average temperature in July is 35 C - 5 C in July. 

Town Center

From the highway, you will turn left and go up in front of 2-3 layer buildings. The road makes a curve to the left. Anatolia’s Old Governor Sadi Bey Mosque’s outer surface has been covered with mosaics. Unfortunately, it cannot be understood that it is an historical building. After passing the mosque, the place on the right side seems like a classical town. At the Southern point of the place an Atatürk Statue is stated. This place is also a parking area. On the West side, at the stores under 2-3 layer buildings, shopping gets dynamic the town.

Sources of income

Agriculture and fishing

The people living in Alaçam make agriculture and also fishing. The farmers generally grow tobacco, wheat, barley and rye.  All types of vegetables and fruits are also grown up in Alaçam. The soil is fertile and the climate is convenient for plantation.

Fishing has also an important place in economy. Fish is plentiful. The fishermen in Alaçam can catch anchovy, saurel, tunny, loafer, grey mullet, gold fish, haddock and turbot.

Horon and Rumelia Dances

Due to the fact that most of the people living in Alaçam town centre are refugees, the Rumanian dances like Zigoş, Debreli hasan, vardar Ovası andTopal Ağa are commonly played in the ceremonies.


Because of the fact that the mostly found materials are wood, reed and wool in alaçam, they have become master in rug weaving, wickerwork and wood works. 

Alaçam Cuisine

Here that is prepared with chicken meat, Aluş foods generally cooked in circassian villages; covered pita prepared with uncooked minced meat and spices, and the stuffing with tunny fish are very delicious foods of Alaçam cuisine.

The sheep cheese made in the spring time is also very tasty. 

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