Asarcık that is located at the 44 km southern side of Samsun is one of the smallest towns in Turkey. The 44 km way from through Kaman is so crooked to Asarcık.

Although the way through Kavak is longer (73km), this way is more preferred than the other. On the way to Asarcık, there are chicken farms and lime packaging factory. Even the ways to the villages are closed due to dense snow in the winter time, this case is generally not more than 45 days.

Asarcık is rounded by Kavak and Çarşamba and is neighbour to Amasya also. When you look at the town in which typical Black Sea Climate is common from a high hill, the sprinkled houses among the trees, the highway in the middle of the town and the historical mosque’s minaret remind you that you are in a restful, small and adorable town.

Kuyumcuoğlu Village was inhabited in Hellenistic period. Tumulus in Narlı quarter, Emir Musa village, Horoztepe Tumulus, Tumulus in Biçincik Quarter’s Şatiba place are some of the historical pieces coming to today. 

Town center

There is a big fountain in the middle of the square. The restaurants and stores are available around the fountain.

On the other side there is a minibus station for village minibuses. Planted fields are plentiful in Asarcık. Agriculture is an important source of income. Wheat, corn, barley and sugar beet are grown by the villagers. Apiculture is also made but it just meets the inner demand.

Historical mosques and churches are still alive

Historical mosques in Kılavuzlu and Gökgöl villages and the old church in Ayaklıalan Village have still resist time. In Ayaklıalan village, the mosque, the church and the school stand side by side. Unfortunately, the church has been damaged by the treasure hunters. Gökgöl mosque was built in 1180 as a wooden mosque and repaired two times in 1291 and 1970.

Picnic Area

The forest at the center of Asarcık, the church’s around in Ayaklıalan Vilage and the green area near Yarımca Village are convenient places to have picnic.

Asarcık Street Fair

At the Street fair organised in September and attracts huge interest of the public, horse races, wrestling matches and public concerts are organised. A big fair area is opened. The neighbour towns also Show interest to the fair and the town become very dynamic during the street fair.

Asarcık Cuisine

Poultry is the main part of the most favourite foods of the region. The housewives in Asarcık cook very delicious Circassian chicken and goose “tirit”. Never reject if you go and they serve.

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