Ayvacık town has been established in 1990 by merging Ayvacık and Keskinoğlu Villages. Ayvacık that is 62 km far from Samsun is neighbour to Tokat, Amasya, Ordu, Asarcık, Çarşamba and Salıpazarı. Transportation to Ayvacık is provided through Samsun Ordu highway up to Çarşamba and after Çarşamba through 28 km city road. When the old land titles were investigated, it was seen that, Ayvacık was a promenade.  

Town Center

The way to Ayvacık at Suat  Uğurlu  Baraj  Pond’s side is a crooked way. You can reach to Ayvacık partly by climbing to ramps and partly by going down.

On the opposite coast the villages of Ayvacık are located. Access between the two sides is provided by a small ferry. The municipality building is at the entrance of the town. The town has a different layout plan. The district governorate is at the entrance and near the lake. Stores are ordered at the midway.

There are few coffee houses near the pond. Drinking a tea or coffee through the view is very joyful.

Big part of the town is forestland

Around the dam there are hazelnut factories. Hazelnut and forestry are sources of income for the pople in the town.

Catfish, mirror carp, Japan bass and grey mullet can be caught from the dam.

The forest has get out of its characteristics and now being used as agriculture field.

90 % of the public live by agriculture and the remaining live by trade and fishing. Ayvacık people produce corn, wheat, barley and hazelnut.

Hasan Uğurlu Underground Powerhouse that was opened in 1982 and Suat Uğurlu Hydroelectric Power Plant are important power sources that meet the energy need in Turkey. 

Pine Forests

The picnic area covered with pine trees around the Hasan Uğurlu Dam Lake attracts the attention of people in Samsun in the spring and the summer time.



When it is talked about handicrafts in Ayvacık, the first thing that come to mind s “cecim”  that is made of whole wool. The rugs used on the floor are called as “cecim” while it is also used to call the belts used by women and children.

Ayvacık Cuisine

The traditional foods in Ayvacık are "keşkek" and "Haluç". Cooking Keşkek is an arduous work, but it is also very delicious. The wheat is boiled a long time, and it is mixed while it is being cooked and becomes like a crème. While cooking chicken meat is added into it and it is continued to be mixed until the meat becomes minced. After it was cooked, it is served with butter.

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