Bafra is 51 km to Samsun, is located in north of Samsun and Kavak is located in south of Bafra. Bafra Plain is covering Kızılırmak Delta and completely built by Kızılırmak, is surrounded by Nebiyan Mountain with a height of 1225m, also the extension of Canik Mountain in the south.  

When going into the City Center

The way to City Center of Bafra has been landscaped very well. Flowers and the pines seems so good. The homes are close together on both sides, when you’re going down the ramp. The entrance to Bafra is stirring that you come to a place developed too much. The locomotive sector of the economy of Bafra is agriculture. Notably tobacco, vegetables and fruit selling is very advanced.

Derbent Dam

To go to Derbent, pass from Çetinkaya Bridge and follow the way “Kolay”. There is about 35 km distance to Asar Kale from the turnout.  It is engaged in agriculture to the mountain peak.  On the other hand this means the destruction of forestland.  The new canals are following you along the way. Kızılırmak is on your left and heralds that you’re coming close to the dam. You should be careful because you can come across turtles that crossing the road. Along the way, you can see the organic corns. Then you can see the dam. The round of the dam lake is considered as agriculture land. Rock tombs  that were on steep slopes on both sides of the dam lake are evoking admiration. 

Entertainments in Bafra

“Sele-Sepet Festivals” are being organized in every 14th night of Ramadan.  “Sele-Sepet Night” is a great festival that children and adults enjoy together.  Arrangements are being made for the festival one day before and everyone buys lanterns called “Sele-Sepet” to their child. Candy, fruits and coins are being kept for the little guests that will come later. Sele-Sepet Night starts with the festivities.

Agriculture Fair is another festival

In July for every year Agriculture Fair and traditional melon and watermelon competitions are being organized. 

Tradition of 7th May

Residents go to rural areas and parks in the morning of 7th May have fun all day long.  They believe that their wishes may come true if they make wishes in this morning and throws stone to the lake or the river.

Tastes from Bafra

Bafra is famous for its pita, meatball, nokul and creamy delight. Nokul is made up from walnut and dried grape that are put in the pastry. Besides ice cream called “Balkaymak” is very famous in Bafra. Today, Erik Meal is a very delicious meal that is sinking into oblivion unfortunately. This meal is made up from prune, meat cubes and butter and it is a very snack food. 

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