This district has been established in Çarşamba Plain, on Samsun-Ordu highway, has spreaded both sides of Yeşilırmak. It is far from 36 km to Samsun. Transportationis providedonlyby the highway. Ancient rail line was unfortunately removed. It is neighbour with Terme, Tekkeköy, Karadeniz coast, Ayvacık ve Salıpazarı districts. Çarşamba is the second biggest district of Samsun with its surface area and population density. Çarşamba is also alluvial plain as Bafra that is created by Yeşilırmak. Yeşilırmak divides the plain into two. Mountains, that are the extensions of Canik Mountains, are in the south part of the district. 

One of the biggest rivers in Turkey, Yeşilırmak, that has a length of 416 km, refreshes the plain and Çarşamba.  It arise from Köse Mountains (2801 m) in Sivas, by passing over Canik Mountains waters Çarşamba plain and empties into Black sea from Civa Cape. Delta lakes have been formed in the areas of Yeşilırmak near the sea. These lakes that are on the beach;  Dumanlı Lake, Akarak Lake, Akmaz Lake and Kocagöl. The others have formed as a result of the change of the riverbed. These are;  Sazlık Lake, Çilme Lake, Körırmak Lake. The environment of the lakes is surrounded by marshes and swampy.

District Center

Yeşilırmak River divided Çarşamba into two parts. Because of this reason, city life is always two-sided. The ones who live in one side called the other part of the district as “the opposite shore”. Going to “the opposite shore” became a saying. There was only one bridge to pass. The historical bridge was built up at the beginning of 20th century as wooden and then it is converted into stone to make it stronger for the Yeşilırmak River. The district faced big floods, for this reason even this bridge had difficulty to stand. Now, there are two bridges on the Yeşilırmak River. The second one is on the Samsun-Ordu Highway. The third one is under construction. It is being prepared to connect old quarters with the new ones at the south of the historical bridge. It is thought that the city, which is squeezed after Samsun-Ordu Highway, will expand to south. City center is at the east side of the city. City Hall, District Governorship Building, State İnstitutions are at the same side. West part is starting to develop around train station. First secondary school and high school of Çarşamba were built at this side.

The plain watered by Yeşilırmak is well suitable for agriculture

Agriculture in the district is advanced enough for producing to Turkey. Crops that are being grown have a great variety like wheat, barley, rice, beans, soy beans, chick peas, sugar beets, sunflowers, peaches, nuts and apples. Samsun provides 40% of the corn production in Turkey and the most part of this production is being realized in Çarşamba. 450 decare area in the district is being used for tobacco production and an annual average of 42 tonne tobacco is being grown. Because of wide range of areas suitable for plantation, farmers have the chance for vegetable gardening in fruitful lands. Çarşamba is also a developed district for industrial area. Especially there is 3 nut cracking factory operating in nuts processing that are being produced in the region and also exports to Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Italy. Besides, there is 2 small factory processing marine products and exports to France.

Favourites for Çarşamba Cuisine, Pita and Corn

Corn cake, corn soup, keşkek, black cabbage soup and its wrapped, goose sop are the favourites for Çarşamba cuisine. “Çarşamba Pita” that is made up from wheat flour is very delicious. Actually the best pita that is known as Bafra and Samsun pita in metropolis is being cooked in Çarşamba. In the past there were only special pita restaurants, now along the pita restaurants, the other ones also have a pita bakery in it, too. The pita dough, that is spreader very thin, is filled with minced meat, cheese or dry cottage cheese and then it is closed and baked. The pita that is cooked in wood oven is serviced with butter on it. Also there are open pita styles, between these pitas the ones with pastrami and eggs are the favourites.

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