Kavak is placed on Samsun-Ankara State Highway which is connecting Middle Black sea Region to Central Anatolia Region. It is 51 km far away from Samsun and its population is almost 22 thousand. 13 thousand of the population lives in villages. Kavak has a rugged terrain. It is surrounded by Asarcık, Havza, Bafra, Ladik districts. Artificial lagoons of Murat Rives, taking its source from Hac Mountain, satisfy the water needs of the district.

Kavak District’s economy is based on agriculture and stockbreeding. Main products are wheat, corn, oat and barley. Source of living for people who lives at the higher villages, is mainly forest products. Lime, brick and tile production is also developed.

Kavak is a residential area from the Early Bronze Age. In Kaledoğru Mould, historical artifacts from the years of 3500 B.C. and 3000 B.C. were found with archeological researches in 1941. Artifacts from Hittite, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods were found in Kaledoğru Mould, which was a residential area from the Early Bronze Age till today. During Ottoman period, Khan Yıldırım Beyazıt, took the region from Isfendiyaroğulları to provide the unity in Anatolia. During Çelebi Mehmet, in 1410, the district came under the domination of Ottoman Empire.

Our National Pride

Festival in the name of Yaşar Doğu… Yaşar Doğu was born in 1913 in Kavak. Because of big love to Yaşar Doğu, people who live in Kavak are very interested in wrestling.

Yaşar Doğu

Yaşar Doğu was born in 1913 in Kavak, Karlı Village. He represented Turkey at many international competitions successfully at our ancestor sports, wresting. He won numerous championship awards at Balkans and European Championships. At London Olympic Games in 1948, he won championship medal at 73 kg and free style wrestling. In spite of the fact that 50 years have passed, he is still remembered as the “symbol athlete.”

Goose Meat is the highest point of Kavak Kitchen

The most popular food of Kavak is “Selit” which is made with goose meat. It is eaten together with phyllo pastry which is put in the goose schmaltz and bulgur pilaf with goose meat.


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