Ladik is 82 km far away from Samsun. It is neighbor with Kavak on the north, Taşova on the east, Havza on the west and Amasya on the east. It is a sweet place, popular with plateau festivals. It is settled on the side of a wide plain on the north foots of Akdağ Mountain. Population in the center is 8,316 in general is 18,022. Winters are long and hard, summers are cool. Economy is based on agriculture and stockbreeding. Tersakan River, one of the arms of Yeşilırmak River, gives life to Ladik. It takes its source from Ladik Lake, flows to the west, to the south and to the east; and joins to Yeşilırmak River. Transportation is always available from Samsun to Ladik.

Economy is based on agriculture, stockbreeding, industry and forestry

Lots of different products can be produced because of yearlong rains. Wheat, oat, barley, corn, sugar beet and sunflower are being produced commonly. In addition to them horticultural crops are being produced. Because of the fact that Ladik is a plateau, stock breeding is also popular. Sheep and goat breeding, cattle-raising, fishing and beekeeping on a small scale is made. Forest land is 18.585 hectares. Some parts of this land are high forest and some parts are coppice forest.

District Center

City Hall and District Governorship Buildings are placed on the city square which is surrounded by coffee houses and shops. The earthquake in 1943 destroyed most of the historical artifacts. However, the ones still alive are very impressive.

Ladik Plateau Festivals

Ladik is full of people during the summertime because of Plateau Festivals. The aim of the festival is to share tourism potential of Ladik with neighboring districts. Festivals are being organized in July and August annually. At the Ladik Plateau which is 7 km far away from Ladik, activities like calf contest, ram contest, honey contest, kite contest, paragliding performances, grass skiing contests, glider performances are being held.

Ladik Kitchen

Most of local foods are pastry. These are noodle, Tutmaz Aşı, İşkefe Desert, Kaz Pilaf, Çerkez Halüğü, Çerkez Şibsisi, Dabusun, Malakto, Gobi Lobiya, Lobya, Höşmerim, Kadayani.  Breads are also varios like foods. These are Somun, Hamursuz, Parmaklı, Lavaş Pita, Dökme, Döndürme, Samsa Bread, Cırlak (Pırıl), Akıtma, Yufka, Corn Bread. Tandır Kebab is also very popular in Ladik.


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