At the intersection of Yeşil Creek and Terme Creek, 3 bridges at Salıpazarı were built between creeks, have created the characteristic feature of district. Kurt Bridge connects Salıpazarı to Gokceli Village, and Meviren Bridge connects district to Maviren Village. 54 km away from Samsun, Salıpazarı is neighbour with Erbaa and Akkuş at South, Terme at east, Ayvacik at West and Çarşamba at North. Total population is approximately 21.000 and 6156 of this total population live in city center. The transportation to Salıpazarı provided through the Çarşamba and Terme.

Yeşil and Ayazma Creeks are famous with red-spotted trout. It’s climate is a transition between Blacksea unique climate and light continental climate with cold winters and moderate in summers. Therefore, it is effective to snow here in the winter months.

District Center

Enter to Salıpazarı is through hazelnut gardens. At the entrance to the district, government building is located on the left side. As you move through stony road, exit to a narrow square. Here is the shopping center of Salıpazarı.

Now we will list the names of dishes probably you’ve never heard.  

Zagi Yani, Makaktu, Bileki Bread, Circassian cake. All have delicious taste, we give short recipe below.

Zagi Yani: Done by mixing; Sheep meat, flour, rice, butter, walnuts, hogman, Corot, saffron, paprika, garlic.

Makaktu: Done with Green beans, walnuts, green kinzu (fresh coriander), garlic, sour grapes, irhan.

Bileki  Bread: Corn flour is kneaded with boiling water and the leaves of the daphne and tahnal put on it and just cooked.

 Circassian cake: Cooked with corn flour, milk, eggs and butter, eaten with roasted meat placed on it. 

Paylaş :



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