Terme is far from Samsun 58 km. Terme Creek, which born from Kara Forest, disembogue in the middle of district to Black sea by dividing  district in two parts.

The closest settlements are Çarşamba 22 Km, Unye 32 Km. Black sea is located at the north of district, at east Unye and Ikizce, at South Akkus, at west Salıpazarı and Çarşamba.

Akgol and Sımenit Lakes are connected with natural channels, are located between Black sea and Terme on seaside. Water of lakes are salty. Water can’t use at irrigation. Fishing can be made in this lakes and also because of the lodging place for birds, bird watching can be done.

Lots of Civilizations Struggled for Terme

Respectively, Hittites and Phrygians dominated this region. Afterwards, Kimmers came to Anatolia and destroy Phrygians domination. Amazons, Kimmers women society, came to Terme and settled.

In some maps and encyclopedias, name of nearby mountains to Terme Creek (Termedon) referred as “Amazonia’s Mountains. Ancient Greeks, who are a colonizer in Black sea coast, stated of a consisting society of lonely women.

After the dominance of Medes, Persians and Romans, as from year AC 395, Terme dominated by Eastern Romans, Byzantines of Roman empire. Between years 1219 – 1236 period, all black sea region including Terme came into administration of Anatolian Seljuk’s.

Eretna Bey attended this region as a governor and established a state with his own name in the Amasya, Samsun, Tokat, Sivas and Kayseri region. At 1398, when Yildirim Beyazit took control of Amasya and Black Sea region, Taceddin ve Canik Seigniors accepted Ottoman control.

After that time,  Terme district governed by Canik Ottoman Province till Republic Period.

Terme's legendary heroes: Amazon

Ancient sources are indicated that, Anatolia mythological heroes-women warriors live in the coast of Termadon (Terme Creek) city of Themiskryia at years BC 1200.

Amazons threw arrows and riding horses. Story said that they cut off their left breast to pull bow good, so the name “Amazon” which means “no breast” given to this society. They used also spears, double-sided light axes, half shield and helmet except arrow. Amazon word means “moon woman” and similar meaning “man killer” in Armenian; it means “no breast” in Greek.

Amazons were worship Goddess Cybele. Their culture of life is unusual for today’s conditions. They used men as a slave or servant, after they coupled with slaves whom they take from war field, if the baby born as a boy they kill him, if it is a girl they teach her carefully, and grow them up as a strong warrior.

They has survived as a buffer state between Hittites and Millets in Greek Islands. However, as a result of the merger of three big kingdoms, Amazons were destroyed by a major attack.

Ancient times story tellers, Herodotus, Strabon and Fisherman of Halicarnassus mentioned about Amazons in their stories.

Firstly, the father of history Herodotus told about wars between Amazons with Greek and Scythian while he mentioned about Amazons. Amazons trounced a great defeat to Scythians. Scythians were confused; moreover they recognized that their enemies were women when they saw dead bodies on battlefield.

Greek Strabon focused on amazon’s community’s identity and origin while he was mentioning on Amazons. He said that the ancient cities such as Ephesus, Smyrna, Kyme and Myrna taken their names from Amazons.

Fisherman of Halicarnassus mentioned that most of the cities in Aegean region established by Amazons:  Amazon Queen Mirin captures city Serna in North Aegean coast, she kills all man with swords and takes women and children as slaves. She establishes a city with her name “Mirin”. In the same time she establishes also Kyme, Prynne, Pitane and Mitilin at Lesbos Island. Once a day while she is going to Island, a storm appears.

Goddess Cybele protects fleet and leads them to Semadirek Island. Queen Mirin builds a temple for showing her respect and gratitude of Cybele in that island where nobody lives before.

District Center

You immediately recognize that you came to district center when see 4 or 5 floor buildings. Lower floors are shopping centers, markets. 5 ways intersection at district square, organized with a clock tower. Like everywhere else, Municipality Building located in the square. For reaching Amazon Statue and picnic places, should pass from Terme Creek and continue from highway.  In some places flooded forests come upon. When you turn left from sign “Welcome to Evci Town”, you will see Amazon Statue just opposite.

Terme Mutfağı

The most popular food in Terme is Keşkek. Homemade desserts are very delicious. Tirid, corn soup, lepsi, pilaf with anchovies are most frequently made foods. And you should not turn back without tasting the Terme Pita. How is the Terme Pita prepared? It is prepared by kneading a watery paste. İt is cooked with oak fire. On the contrary to the ones cooked in other regions of Turkey, Terme Pita is soft and toppings are plenty.

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