Yakakent is 79 km from Samsun, at the same time it is in the west of Samsun and neighbour to Sinop.  It is on Samsun- Sinop highway and has a busy traffic transport. It is 6 km from Alaçam, 33 km from Bafra. The population is about 10.000, half of the population is living in the city center and the rest is in villages.

It has three names during it’s history.

Because of not doing enough researches in Kominos, Gümenez, Yakakent, any evidence regarding life except for tumulus as known as Pilavtepe. By looking the examples in the region, it can be said that Pilavtepe tumulus is belonged to Hellenistic period. Byzantines had prevailed in Yakakent 1500 B.C. The name of it was “Kominos” in that period. It is told thatYavuz Sultan Selim destroyed Kominos, during his expedition for Çaldıran War that realized in 1514 and was one of the biggest battles of the history, because of not legitimatising Ottoman Empire.  After Ottomans had taken Kominos, the name of “Kominos” had been changed as “Gümenez”.  Then with the establishment of municipial organization in 1963, the name of “ Gümenez” had been changed once more as “Yakakent” and in 1991 Yakakent became a district.

When you arrive to the center of Yakakent…

We can see easily the square including statue of Atatürk which returned back to the sea.  There is city hall on the right side of the square and on the left side there are 5-story buildings having stores under them.  The only reminiscent factor is 2-storey wooden building in front of the statue. Today, there is a coffee house under it. You can go to the coastline which elevated by logging in front of the 5-story buildings that are on the left. This line is closed to traffic and appropriate for a coast tour.

Yakakent has 14 km beach

14 km beach with dark yellow colour and sparkling clear water.  Yakakent is the largest window opening to Black sea. With this feature, it is candidate for being the attraction center of Samsun in terms of tourism.  Private sector has also started to invest to Yakakent, Kumluk Beach is one of the initials. If your holiday choice means sea and peace you are definitely in right place. You can have a swim in comfortable and enjoyable environment, can go on long bushwalking, can eat delicious fish kinds and can relax with the brilliant sunset.  At nightfall and nightlong, dynamism of the coast line will be attractive to you, cafes, and various tea gardens. Besides, along summer tea gardens and the bars accompanied by live music on the coastline are the alternatives for those who likes nightlife.

The largest fishing port of Turkey

Yakakent has the largest fishing port of Turkey.  6 big fishing boat with 25m length can abreast only in breakwater. At the same time Yakakent is a very sympathetic place. It is beachfront, there are wooden boathouses and boat yards in a lunar cove. Obviously boats that are wintering can spend the winter without difficulty in shelter which has roofs. In front of some boathouses, wooden small port sides reach out into the sea. There are also 3 fish restaurants on the beach. These have boathouses under them and if you will eat in there, you should taste turbot absolutely.

Towards Çam Lake

If you have come to Yakakent, we recommend you to see Çam Lake 4km to the east. There are pensions and restaurants in front of the hillsides upright to the coast and at the end of the way which is parallel to the sea. When the wind is appropriate you can set up a tent on the coast. Journey continues by breathing the excellent air between the pines. 

If you are exhausted from heat…

In the recent years, along sea tours, highland tourism is also attract too much attraction. Those who want to go bushwalking and have a picnic are going to highlands called Uzunkız, Elikbuyran and Necati Batı away from the sweltering heat of summer; it can be a different experience.

Pensions are common in Yakakent

Operating pensions are common for families in Yakakent. There are hotel with 20 bed and restaurant belonged to municipality and also there is one more motel with 12 rooms next to it again belonged to the municipality along the pensions. Teacher’s house with a capacity of 15 beds performs service to both teachers and the other vacationers. The other accommodation alternative is motel and pensions at the entrance of the resort of Çam Lake.

July is more amusing with cultural and art festivals

In every year in the last week of July, Yakakent becomes more amusing with the visitors coming from neighbour districts to see the festivals organized by Yakakent Municipality. Sports competitions, concerts, cooking competitions and cultural activities within the framework of the festival attract great attention. The activities and the stands organized because of Yakakent-Kushimato brotherhood, that is a good example for Turk- Japanese friendship, forms the other aspect of the festival.

Different Tastes

The most popular food is Turkish type ravioli. The difference of the stuffing is walnut.  It is eaten with yoghurt and garlic. You can eat most delicious fishes here at every season. Fried ones and steamed ones are extremely delicious. Duck and chicken is very important for the kitchen in Yakakent. Tirit is very popular also here.

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